David Brancher (‘Twig’) (Fenton 1946)

I recently celebrated my 90th birthday. Among the lunch guests was my great friend John Skinner (‘Skins’) (Hardinge 52). We reminisced about our appearance in Gilbert and Sullivan’s Trial by Jury, with Twig as the Defendant and Skins singing and skipping about as one of the bridesmaids. (2019)

Basil Gladwell (Hardinge 1949)

I can recall the weekly parades in our air cadet uniform and a flight in a Tiger Moth at Rochester airport, which was the first time most of us actually flew. It was most exciting and a bit scary! We also had summer cadet camps at Emsworth airfield. Perhaps there are some other school cadets who could expand upon my recalled moments. That cadet background led to my call-up as airman. I continued national service as an airman – with service in Egypt and Kenya - before conclusion of my national service. I took up service in the Royal New Zealand Air Force from 1953. My current status is as a retired NZ Public Servant – and enjoying it! (2019)

David Easton (School House 1947)

David Easton, retired civil engineering construction manager, has devoted the last year to discussions around the electricity supply crisis in South Africa. Having started work at age 17 1/2 at a new Croydon Power Station, and using his long experience, David has suggested that South Africa needs a special new power plant. We are having power cuts every day and the government invited ideas, so I took up the challenge. Anyone interested can contact me for the technical details, but with many renewable energy plants powered by our extreme sun in desert areas, and from windfarms of course, there is a need for the storage of any surplus energy. The means to do this by the storage of water on mountains, having pumped the water up during the night it is released during the day, to generate elecricity. Many letters have been written; presentations prepared, and successful articles published in the main newspapers. My plans are possibly going to be acted upon, which will be a culmination for David of many years in the construction field, playing a part in raising the standards of living for millions in this part of Africa. (2015)

Colin Neilson (Johnsons 1948)

I am a retired journalist and worked for the Rhodesia Herald. I am now a grandfather and this summer I was sitting on the beach near Worthing Pier when I spotted a strange pebble and thought I had found a fossil sea urchin – an echinoderm. This was confirmed by an archaeologist at the local museum and its age was set at 200 to 400 million years old. I was intrigued by the fact that this creature had no blood, no bones and no brain, and it fed on algae clinging to rocks. The Worthing Herald reported my story. Some of my friends saw the cutting and wondered which was the fossil! (2017)

Peter Sherrard (School House 1948)

The highlight of 2014 was meeting up with my School aero modeller friend, Sydney Baker after 67 years. We were put in touch with each other courtesy of the OS News. Sydney and his Wife Janet were visiting the UK from their homes {USA Summer and Australia}. They had rented a Cottage in the Cotswolds and we flew down from Scotland for the reunion. We had both followed careers in Aviation; Sydney with Vickers Armstrong and Boeing and I stayed with Rolls-Royce.

We will be leaving Scotland after 49 years to live in a Retirement Village near to our family in Bath; currently in the throes of clearing our House.Shocking experience! (2015)

Basil Gladwell (Hardinge 1949)

As a New Zealand citizen since 1953, I served with the RNZAF and retired in 1982 as a Squadron Leader. I was then lucky enough to take a public service position at the Open Correspondence Institute of NZ, as registrar, and a number of other management positions, retiring in July 2010. Now an 86-year-old, I still appreciate the Old Sennockian news updates. How it has changed as a school! No more ‘boaters’ and no longer a boys’ school! (2018)