Bernard Harvey (Wordworth 1955) 

In 1949 I was a day boy and started at 3A at Park Grange with 'Pop' Forder as our form master. A great master who gave many of us nicknames- which is now I came to be called 'Bunny' Harvey. Four years after WWII, the school was struggling to re-establish itself, and a lot of traditions still existed, particularly under 'Jimmy' Higgs-Walker, our headmaster. He would arrive in form with mortar board and gown, where he would be met by two biff boys and two cap boys, who would change 'Hail O Cleo' to which he would reply 'Hail'. This strange custom was published in a boy's paper, possibly The Hotspur! Sport was a major part of daily life, not that I ever excelled, except I did help Wordsworth to become the first day house to win the boxing cup. After I left school, I joined Sevenoaks Rugby Club when they started the Colts. But in 1958 I caught polio which changed my life. Articled to the firm of Chartered Accountants PMM & Co, I then went on to work on financial systems for ICT, Wills Tobacco and then Avon Rubber. Long retired now, I write novels and make inlaid wooden board games- isolating in a remote part of Somerset. At 81, I'm slowing up, battled cancer, but still enjoying the occasional pint, remembering Sevenoaks! (2020)

Robert (Bob) Wise (Johnsons 1953)

The reunion in April in the former Dining Room of Johnsons was fantastic and I enjoyed meeting my former pupil buddies so much, having travelled all the way from Texas. I have lived a good life and the only sorrow is that I lost my wife Dorothy last September after 60 years of marriage. We have also lost so many of my contemporary Johnsonians whom I remember so well. I will always treasure the days I spent with EG’s Johnsons boys. The school does a fantastic job of keeping up with us all and for putting on so many functions. I live quietly in the town of Spring near Houston and, having downsized recently, I am kept busy putting my new house in the shape I want it. There is always plenty going on and I travel back to the UK at least once per year to see family. My son and daughter live in the UK as do most of my six grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren. (2019)

Brigadier John Skinner (Hardinge 1952)

Like me, David Brancher (Fenton 46) known as ‘Twig’ Brancher by school colleagues, lives in Abergavenny. He has recently acceded to the age of 88, and keeps very well and active – a tribute to his teenage tuition. I’m also in regular touch with Derek Morris (Grote 53). Since retiring from New Zealand’s diplomatic service, he and his wife Julia have based themselves in Melbourne, Australia. (2018)

Peter Hirschmann (School House 1955)

I celebrated my 80th birthday by sponsoring the commission by Leeds Lieder of a new work for tenor and piano by Daniel Kidane to a text by Ben Okri. It had its first performance at the Leeds Lieder Festival in April. (2018)