Richard Gunner (Wordsworth 1960)

I would like to hear from any OS who attended the Sevenoaks School Easter holiday experiences on board the TS Foudroyant at Portsmouth during the 1950s and 60s. The old vessel is now fully restored with her original name of HMS Trincomalee, birthed at Hartlepool, and a wonderful ship to behold. Please email (2019)

Alan Bishop (Fenton 1962)

I worked in the shipping industry for Union Castle Line and Clan Line and spent an enjoyable year working in Mombasa before returning to London. After my health deteriorated in 1972 I moved to the New Forest and commenced a career in bookselling, becoming Chairman of the Hampshire Branch of the Booksellers Association and serving on the BA Council. After selling my bookshop my wife and I decided on a change of scenery and moved to a village in the beautiful Blackdown Hills in Devon. We enjoy visits from our two sons. I also enjoy reading news of people I remember from Sevenoaks and was saddened to learn of the death of my old friend Andrew Bass. (2019)

Anthony Lunch (Sackville 1963)

I was presented with an RYA (Royal Yachting Association) Long Service Award last November. Totally unexpectedly, I received the award in recognition of my 40 years involvement with Oxford University Yacht Club, in many roles but concluding with a 20-year stint as President. My early years in sailing were at Sevenoaks, where I was taken under the energetic and dedicated wings of EG Groves and Brian Scragg. I campaign a Swallow racing yacht at Itchenor SC, where OS Simon Slater (Grote 1972) is a fellow competitor! It was a great honour to receive the award from Princess Anne and much of the credit for this lies at Sevenoaks School! (2019)

Richard Bird (Sackville 1965)

I’m still alive in France, Spain and England! (2019)

Peter Woodhead (Park Grange 1966)

I moved to Hong Kong in 2002 and stayed. I worked in education and am now trying to be retired and sail when I can. My children are in Sydney and the US. I have fond memories of Tom Mason, Alan Hurd, Hoppy, Nottidge and Willie Bleyburg – weekend camps and Digweed! I still play croquet. If you’re anywhere in the region you’re welcome to visit. Sadly my brother – Michael Woodhead (Plender 64) – passed away last September. (2019)

Peter Thornton (Park Grange 1967)

I left Sevenoaks after four years as a Park Granger and it was disappointing to have missed the last two years and privileges of Sixth Form but I made up for that at Newington College in Sydney before going onto Sydney University, graduating with first class honours in Civil Engineering. I have always felt my education at Sevenoaks provided the platform for that and other later achievements, due in no small measure to the calibre, and eccentricities of my teachers. I still have my school reports and treasure the comment made by my Classics master Dickie Dawson that I was ‘not a mere circus animal to be tempted by tangible rewards’ when, having done my Latin O-level in Michaelmas term of 1964, I dug my heels in over doing very much prep for Greek – for which I was never going to sit an O-level – and focused on my Maths and Physics instead!! I still live in Sydney and have stayed in touch with Neil Powell (Park Grange 66), my musical mentor at school, David Lanfear (Park Grange 68), Mick Audsley (Grote 67). I also came across Rufus Boyd (Taylor 83). I’d be happy to hear from anyone who remembers me. (2019)

John Wilber (Fryth 1967)

I spent 30 very enjoyable years working for British Rail, leaving in 1997 as Group Public Relations Officer. After that, I purchased Railnews, the rail industry staff newspaper, jointly running it for 21 years until retirement in 2018. I still keep very busy organising or attending railway and local events in Stratford-upon-Avon where I live with my wife Caroline (married 1987). We have one daughter, Katie. My main pastimes are researching our family history, my orchard, my old BSA motorcycle (the same one I rode to school on from Tunbridge Wells) and trips to Europe. Last year I attended the Founder’s Day Picnic and met several OS for the first time in 50 years. An interesting day, which I hope to repeat in 2020. (2019)

Chris Caridia (Grote 1968)

I moved to Frankfurt from Bangkok last year, where I am teaching English at the university and continuing to write English language teaching materials. (2019)

Steve Olsen (Park Grange 68)

I retired as a Boeing 787 Dreamliner Captain with United Airlines, aged 65, in 2015. Since that time I have been flying a corporate jet in Houston, Texas where my wife, Peggy, and I have lived since 1983. Since leaving Sevenoaks, I have been a US Air Force pilot, a corporate pilot, an airline pilot, a professional race car driver (BMW, Porsche and Audi) and a part-time rancher on the family ranch in central Texas. Peggy and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary on 13 June 2019 and have a daughter, a son and six beautiful grandchildren. I was in London this spring to bring one of my granddaughters for a whirlwind tour of London. Sadly our schedule did not allow a dash to Sevenoaks. We would welcome any Old Sennockians who might find themselves in the Houston area. You can contact me through Sevenoaks School Foundation. (2019)

Christopher Segar (School House 1968)

I resigned from the Diplomatic Service in 2005 after serving in Baghdad. In 2008 I joined the staff of the International Energy Agency in Paris, working on relations with Middle Eastern states and with OPEC in Vienna. Since I retired from the IEA in 2015 I have been able to devote more time to a charity supporting Christian communities in the Middle East. I have visited Iraq and Jordan several times in the last two years. (2019)

Chris Birch (Wordsworth 1960)

Kim Taylor was Head for most of my school years – an inspirational choice by the school at that time. I also have very fond memories of Brian Scragg who taught me French which I still speak pretty well. On the arts front, I have been a professional actor since 1981 after graduating from Rose Bruford College as a mature student. At the time of writing I am appearing in The Bodyguard at the Adelphi. (2014)


Roger Barnard (Wordsworth 1962)

I retired in April 2014 from Tama Art University in Hachioji, Tokyo, where I taught general and art and design-related English, and due to advancing age and the changing nature of the EFL (English as a Foreign Language) publishing business, my textbook writing career has also entered a quiet patch. I’ve continued painting over the years and am now preparing for an exhibition of recent paintings at a Tokyo gallery in early October. Some years ago I was fortunate to get back in touch with some old Art Room comrades: Richard ‘Jake’ Jacoby (Johnsons 62), Tim McArtney (Johnsons 61), and Peter Chamberlain (Johnsons 62), and through Jake, Bob White. We’ve met for some very enjoyable lunches in London, and I hope there will be more. I’ve also met Bob and Lesley Millar a number of times in Tokyo, and had the great pleasure of showing Bob around the Tama Art University campus during my final year. I hope to visit the UK at least once a year for the foreseeable future, as long as I can afford the fare and survive 12 hours in economy class (or premium economy, depending on royalties). (2014)


Dr Peter Keating (Sackville 1962)

After leaving Sevenoaks, I spent a year on VSO teaching in Swaziland. On my return to England I trained the London Hospital, qualifying in 1968. I started training as an orthopaedic surgeon but after my wife became pregnant for the second time decided to settle in General Medical Practice. In 1971 we moved to the pleasant Georgian market town of Pershore and have been here ever since. I was exceedingly fortunate to spend two-thirds my time in General Practice and the other third of my time doing Orthopaedic Surgery at Worcester Royal Infirmary. I was also heavily involved in medical politics being Chairman of our Local Medical Committee and also Vice-chairman and medical adviser to our Family Health Authority. I finally retired from medicine five years ago and now spend my spare time playing golf or looking after grandchildren. I was very sad to hear that Kim Taylor had died as he had just become Headmaster of the school when I was a new boy in Park Grange. He and Suzanne were two of the most remarkable people that I’ve ever met, with their liberal views and the ability to instil the values of public service into all their pupils. (2014)


John Owen (Fenton 1962)

My wife Sylvia and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary on 4 May 2018. (2018)


Anthony Lunch (Sackville 1963)

Since the earthquake a year ago, I have been doing charity work in Nepal. The charity I founded 11 years ago, MondoChallenge Foundation, has been hugely active out there, its work including the setting up of a school. More info on the work of my charity can be seen at (2016)


Rev William Allberry (Sackville 1966)

William has just returned from another five-month stay in India. Having recently retired as Rector of Esher, he is now free to teach English to the students at Tamil Nadu Theological Seminary in Madurai from January until May each year – which he has been doing each May for the past five years. He was delighted to meet a Tamil professor of English teaching in Hyderabad who believes that ‘English is the birthright of every Indian child’; certainly it is vital for the students’ theological studies to be able to access English books in the library, as well as equipping them for later ministry. For the rest of the year at home in south-west London he is discovering how true it is that clergy never retire! (2018)


Neil Powell (Park Grange 1966)

Neil’s book Was and Is: Collected Poems, which draws on almost 50 years’ writing, was published by Carcanet in January 2017. (2017)


Nigel Tucker (Wordsworth 1966)

Another year passes and I have still not retired – although we still love our life here in sunny New Zealand. Other alumni are always welcome to visit. My uncle, grandfather and great-grandfather all attended the school and my sister worked as a secretary for some years under Di Day. I owe an eternal debt of gratitude to our science teachers: Jack Robinson, Mr Hopkins and Willy Bleiberg. I also had the privilege of working with George Tester, learning to play the piano and organ. Computer programming still suffuses my life although Fingerprints, Parallel Processing and Sonar were all left behind when we emigrated. (2018)


Ranavir Bose (Park Grange 1967)

I am Senior Sports journalist and Senior Racing Correspondent for the Times of India, and India’s premier racing website: (2018)


Graham Breakwell (Warnoton/Fryth 1967)

I am relaxing in Los Angeles abundance – the cutting edge of society! Contact me if you were in my year and coming to LA: (2018)

Jon Fay (Wordsworth 1967)

In the last year, I became the Ambassador for InterNations Palm Beach, a worldwide expatriate networking organisation, and President of our community Wine Club, and my wife is a Florida licensed realtor. We return to Somerset every year to visit my mother and family, and also to Sevenoaks to meet with a couple of old OS friends and Sevenoaks Rugby Club members. If there are any OS, especially the class of 1967, living in Florida, we would love to get together! (2014)


Steve Leniston (Johnsons/IC 1967)

Now fully retired from flying/instructing, and living in Emsworth, Hants. Two grandchildren born this year. Just had open-heart surgery following a funny turn on the tennis court; replaced aortic valve and coronary bypass. Looking forward to getting back to sailing (and tennis!) when convalesced. (2017)


Ian Brinton (Fryth 1968)

In 2016 Ian published four books: For the Future (Shearsman), a festschrift for the Cambridge poet JH Prynne to celebrate his 80th birthday, a translation of poems by Philippe Jaccottet (Oystercatcher Press), a new edition of the Selected Poems and Prose of John Riley (Shearsman) and Infinite Riches, a history of Dulwich College poets since 1950 (published by the college). He also continued to co-edit two literary magazines, Tears in the Fence and SNOW, and was active in helping to set up the new archive of Contemporary Poetry at the University Library in Cambridge. (2017)


Chris Caridia (Grote 1968)

After a career in publishing and editing English language teaching textbooks in Berlin, I moved to Bangkok five years ago. I’m currently working full-time as a textbook author – no plans to retire! As always it would be great to meet up with any Sennockians passing through this fascinating city. (2014)


Simon Fradd (Hardinge 1968)

I retired on 30th June 2014 and have been travelling ever since: Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean, Cuba and a 115 day circumnavigation of South America on a truck. (2015)

Steve Olsen (Park Grange 1968)

I have lived in a suburb of Houston, Texas for nearly 35 years and recently retired as a Boeing 787 Captain for United Airlines. I am now in a follow-up career as a Captain on a corporate business jet. I also manage my father’s working ranch in central Texas which has transformed from a relaxing diversion to an enormous workload. My wife of 48 years, Peggy, and I travelled to London in November to attend the Old Sennockians dinner at the House of Commons and had an enormously good time. Our brief visit reinforced my longstanding love affair with England and its people. However, I must admit my disappointment to see that London had nearly absorbed Sevenoaks as part of its urban web. To me, it has damaged the country charm that was so much a part of my memories of Sevenoaks. In addition to my 90-year-old father and 93-year-old mother-in-law, Peggy and I have a son and a daughter and six beautiful grandchildren, all of whom live in the greater Houston area. (2017)

Nicholas Ainley (Fenton 1969)

After being a barrister for 28 years I became a Circuit Judge in 2003 and am still in post in London. Married to Sue since 1980, with three children and now two grandchildren. I have only kept in regular touch over the years with Adrian Crick (Wordsworth 69). I would be very happy to get in contact with anyone of my vintage. (2017)

Trevor Elliott (Fenton 1969)

After teaching Languages for a year at Sevenoaks, I moved to The King’s (The Cathedral) School in Peterborough. I am retiring this year after 40 years at the school; 30 of these I have spent as Deputy Head teacher. (2016)