Vandana Harris (Sennocke 1990)

I recently made a career move and was appointed Managing Director of Investment Strategy at Unreasonable Group in April 2019. Unreasonable Group envisions a world in which the most valuable and influential companies are those solving humanity’s most pressing challenges. I’m always excited about all things Sevenoaks! (2019)

David García Pawley (IC 1990)

Alex García Gvozdev Pawley Malinovsky was born on 13 June at a healthy 8.5lbs. We will be moving from Madrid to London, where I started a new job in January. (2019)

Hugh Williams (Grote 1990)

I am now running the Denver, Colorado office of global communications agency Weber Shandwick, where I head up the agency’s endurance sports practice. I’ve now been with the agency for 23 years, moving from London (where I worked with my brother, Ross Williams, Grote 85) to Chicago before setting up the Denver office. I’m lucky enough to combine my work with my passion for endurance sports, having completed 18 marathons and four ironman triathlons, including the infamous IRONMAN World Championship in Kona, Hawai’i. I’m married with one son (16) and five dogs (!), living at 9000ft among the bears, mountain lions and various other creatures that roam around our garden. (2019)

Lieutenant Colonel James Lane (Groves 1992)

Following command of The Royal Dragoon Guards, I now command the New College of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. I am responsible for the education, training and welfare of all aspiring British, and many international, Army officers as they pass through the Academy. RMAS is a leadership academy and develops young men and women from all walks of life and prepares them for the most arduous and demanding leadership challenges at very early stages of their career. I continue to play an active role with Army cricket, having just led a tour to Pakistan, and enjoy rugby and riding. (2019)

Charles Rodmell (Fryth 1992)

I’ve launched a new business teaching people how to run and how to run better, be it complete beginners or runners recovering from injury, for fun, health or the sheer challenge. As captain of the Sevenoaks cross country team, it’s perhaps fate that I’ve ended up imparting my expertise to others. It’s online coaching, and all the details are here: (2019)

Karen Palfreyman (née Owen) (Park Grange 1993)

I am now residing on the beautiful island of Jersey. I am a Senior Teacher at Victoria College, mum to Jessica (14), Harriet (12) and Owen (9). (2019)

Rosie Strachan (GIH 1993)

I am married with two lively sons and work in behaviour change communications as a strategist, specialising in public health and education. In my spare time, I am doing a Theology degree. I’m still in touch with (and very grateful for) my close friends from GIH. (2019)

Evelyn Sweerts (née Vermeulen) (Tammadge 1993)

I was ordained deacon by the Bishop of Gibraltar in Europe, the Right Reverend Dr Robert Innes, at the Pro-Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Brussels on 30 June 2019. I will serve my title at the Anglican Church in Luxembourg. (2019)

James Forbes Keir (Caxton 1994)

After Cardiff University, I worked for the International Baccalaureate Organisation for several years as their first Web Development Manager and then Technical Strategist. While responsible for developing the Online Curriculum Centre, I met former Sevenoaks teachers Paul Ruth, Peter Kino and Ian Dorton. After that, I set up Website Express Ltd, an approved Crown Commercial Service provider, to deliver similar digital solutions to non-profits and governmental organisations. I have been active in the Round Table, serving finally as South Wales Area Chairman, and my service was recognised in 2016 when I was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and as a Fellow of The Institution of Analysts and Programmers. I would love to hear from friends in the Class of 1994! (2019)

Alison Symons (née Asawaroengchai) (Park Grange 1994)

After 20 years in the Washington, DC area, I will be moving to the UK where my husband, Craig, has attained a job posting at the US Embassy in London. We have two children, Maia (14) and Aran (10). I look forward to spending more time with my brother’s family, new nephew and niece, and reconnecting with old friends. I hope to continue my activism work, especially in climate and civic engagement advocacy. (2019)

Megan Johnson (née Harvey) (Park Grange 1997)

I and my husband Luke and our two boys have recently moved to Singapore after a 12-year stint in Boston, USA. We managed a five-week stopover in New Zealand en route, and are now getting acclimatised to the heat and humidity after regular polar vortexes in Boston. I would love to get in touch with any Old Sennockians in Singapore. (2019)

Anna Bea Götz (Park Grange 1998)

After 22 years abroad I returned to Germany in 2017 and am now living in my home town, Mönchengladbach. Moving on from the busy world of London I still work full-time and focus on finding solutions to complex operational challenges and strive to optimise delivery processes. (2019)

Roshan Bharwaney (IC 1999)

I was very sad to miss my 20 year reunion at Sevenoaks in May due to requirements for my doctorate in adult learning and leadership from Columbia University. Now having completed all course requirements, I am ‘all but dissertation’. While continuing to work full-time for WPP in global leadership development, based in New York, I presented at the International Transformative Learning Conference on community responses to crisis. I also recently completed a study on the effects of storytelling training on resilience and developed a new model of resilience. My dissertation research will focus on how transformational leadership is applied and developed. I would love to chat with old friends and anyone interested in these topics! (2019)

Ally McKay (Groves 1999)

I celebrated the birth of my second daughter, Mia Clementine, in January. I live in Surrey and am the Sports Editor of the i newspaper. (2019)

Colonel Marcus Evans (Tammadge 1990)

I have trained another 6000 troops of the British Army’s armoured infantry Reaction Force in BATUS (the British Army Training Unit Suffield, Alberta, Canada) this past year. BATUS provides the most challenging live fire and force-on-force training in the Army on each 32-day-long ‘Exercise PRAIRIE STORM’. I command 2000 soldiers on rotation each year and field a force of 1400 military vehicles. Every now and then a fellow OS deploys, recently Lt Col James Lane MBE (Groves 92), commanding the Royal Dragoon Guards. (2017)

David García Pawley (IC 1990)

In July 2016 I will be marrying Elena Gvozdeva in Madrid, after proposing to her in Knole Park. After some years at Procter & Gamble and the last six at LG Electronics, I will be opening a centre to delouse children in Madrid, whilst looking for a new position. (2016)

Helen Hollingsworth (née Mitchell) (GIH 1990)

Helen has been appointed the Fintech Specialist to the Department for International Trade, advising on the growth of UK Fintech and international venture capital investment in the sector. Helen is co-founder and director of Blukudu Ltd, the matchmaking agency training entrepreneurs to become corporate and investor-ready, and curating collaborations with financial services incumbents. Helen is named in the UK Women in Fintech Powerlist, the Top 100 Women in Fintech, the Top 30 Inspirational Women Innovators in the City for her work with the Canadian government leading UK trade missions that generated over $20million in UK sales, and is a mentor to the Mayor of London’s International Business Programme, Level39, Europe’s largest Fintech accelerator and Ernst Young’s annual Startup Challenge. (2017)

Helen Ostler (Sennocke 1990)

I was made a full member of BAFTA in 2015. (2016)

Lieutenant Colonel James Lane (Groves 1992)

James was appointed to command The Royal Dragoon Guards, a British Army armoured cavalry regiment, in November 2015. Under his command the battlegroup will undertake a number of major exercises around the world in 2016 before being held for short notice deployment to any worldwide operations in 2017. (2016)

Gavin Price (Johnsons 1992)

I am starting a new job as Deputy CFO of the Swiss industrial group, Acrotec, a high tech parts producer for the watch, automotive, aeronautic and medtech industries. Otherwise I am still living in Epagny, close to Annecy in France. (2017)

Janneke Saebo (Caxton 1993)

I have two children with partner Duncan Gunn. (2016)

Evelyn Sweerts (née Vermeulen) (Tammadge 1993)

Evelyn is currently an ordinand in the Church of England. (2016)

Marco Alvera (School House 1994)

I have moved back to Milan with Selvaggia and our two daughters Lipsi and Greta. I have become CEO of Snam, which owns and operates the largest natural gas infrastructure in Europe. (2016)

Matthew Crudgington (School House 1994)

Still based on the shores of Lake Geneva, I’m now working as non-academic Director at IMD business school, focusing on family businesses and their learning journeys. Wonderful Lizzie, our nine year old Onabella (halfway there), five-year-old Bastian (who thinks he’s Messi), as well as the occasional triathlon, are keeping me young at heart. (2018)

Amali De Silva-Mitchell (GIH 1994)

I was invited to attend the first UN conference on Artificial Intelligence For Good. I had the opportunity to chat with Sophia the robot (from Hanson) who I actually found to be rather cheeky! It is going to be very important to balance the benefits for overall human good with the desire to make all things AI. (2017)

Lorena Galvani (GIH 1994)

For the past five years we have been restoring a Menorcan country house and gardens. It is available to rent all year round and we would like to offer past and present Sevenoaks families and staff a ten per cent discount on quoting ‘Sevenoaks’. You can find us at: (2018)

Mehran Baluch (IC 1995)

Mehran was delighted to act as best man for Paul Malcolm (IC 95) when he married Helen Bakunowicz in the Pembrokeshire countryside in April 2009. Also attending was their old friend Olaf Olafsson (IC 95). (2017)

Mark Bell (IC 1995)

Mark and his wife Whitney welcomed their first child, Charlotte Carper Bell, on 23 April 2017. Mark currently works as the Director of Advancement for Aspen Country Day School in Aspen, Colorado. Mark recently caught up with friends and classmates Jon Alwen (Johnsons 95) and Matthew Davies (IC 95) in London. (2017)

Tiffany Oatway (née Butterworth) (Elizabeth 1995)

I continue to be involved as an athlete with the Armed Forces Para-Snowsport Team (AFPST) and this winter I had my best season to date. I trained and foreran races in Slalom and GS at the Army and also the Inter-Services Skiing Championships in France, and came home from the Army Scottish Skiing Championships with two bronze medals in the Individual and Team Giant Slalom events. Last month I joined a team going out to the AIG Winter Summit in Stowe, Vermont (USA) and we came back with the gold in the Team Dual Slalom event, beating the American teams for the first time in ten years! I am now looking to progress to becoming an Alpine Ski Instructor so I can give back to the team that has helped me so much! I also started a new role as a Registrar of weddings last year and, later this year, will complete my Celebrant training so that I can enjoy working with more couples as they tie the knot. (2018)

Ross Carmichael (Groves 1996)

I am now married with two children and moved to Sevenoaks four years ago after a decade in London. I’m looking forward to celebrating my 40th birthday in the same location and with the same Sennockians with whom I celebrated my 18th! (2018)

Michael Haskamp (IC 1996)

After spending the past year in Los Angeles as Chief Revenue Officer for Chinese digital content studio FansTang, Mike has accepted a new role as Asia-Pacific Head of Google Play’s TV & Movies vertical. He has relocated to Tokyo with his wife Lin and daughters Annalise (four) and Zoe (two). Mike also recently joined the board of newly opened Los Angeles restaurant Howlin’ Ray’s, founded by the chef Johnny Zone who trained under Gordon Ramsey, Thomas Keller and Nobu Matsuhisa. (2016)

Alexander Bodin Saphir (Caxton 1997)

Ali recently produced and co-directed a five-year long observational documentary entitled Who’s Gonna Love Me Now? with the critically acclaimed Heymann Brothers. The film won funding from the British Film Institute and premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival in February, winning the Audience Award for Best Documentary in the Panorama section. Ali is currently developing a slate of film and TV projects, including a stage play. He volunteers as Author-in- Residence at Great Ormond Street Hospital where he runs workshops for the children that demystify the writing process as well as working one-on-one with some budding storytellers on their own tales. (2016)

Abi Clarke (Hardinge 1997)

We (Abi and David) had a son, Philip, in June 2014. He is already starting to run rings round us. I have also been appointed as a fee-paid Judge of the First-Tier Tax Tribunal, which I do alongside my other job at LexisNexis. (2016)

Ruth von Eichborn (née Bruckermann) (GIH 1997)

In February 2017, our daughter Katharina was born. Tragically, my husband Andreas died in a mountain climbing accident in August when our daughter was only six months old. I am living in Munich and would be happy to hear from any OS and GIH classmates abroad and in Germany. (2018)

Mark Andrews (Caxton 1998)

After over ten years in Hong Kong, Mark relocated to Coquitlam, British Columbia, in early 2017 with his wife Christine and two daughters, Bella (five) and Lilah (three). Mark continues his career in Executive Search focused on supply chain management for the United States and Canada markets. (2017)

Tim Glencross (Tammadge 1998)

My second novel, Hoffer, was published in hardback by John Murray/ Hodder in March this year. It was the Mail on Sunday Thriller of the Week. Joyce Carol Oates called it ‘… an intricately plotted novel of international intrigue that reads like a wickedly inspired collaboration by the young Evelyn Waugh, Patricia Highsmith, and Martin Amis’. (2017)

Oli Harris (Groves 1998)

Last year I and two others founded Championship Horse Racing, which is a rights holder for a series of large events in horse racing. One of our first ports of call was to build the brand identity and creative assets. I remembered that Chris Godfree (Sackville 98) had worked at a large ad agency and might be able to help. I had not seen Chris for at least ten years but via Facebook and LinkedIn I got in touch. He was now working at an agency called RedBee, who had a pedigree in sport and broadcasting. Fast forward to February this year and we launched the company with their design, web design and other creative assets at the fore. This all in the year of our 20 Year OS anniversary. (2018)

Verity Quade (Fryth 1998)

Verity has built a successful career as an actress and teacher, having appeared in several West End musicals and taught at most of the major vocational institutions in London. She is currently to be found exercising an Italian accent in Kinky Boots at the Adelphi Theatre in the West End. (2016)

Roshan Bharwaney (IC 1999)

I have missed being a student so much I decided to become one again. I am pursuing a doctorate part-time in Adult Learning & Leadership from Columbia University, where I received my Master’s in Organisational Psychology 12 years ago. Based in New York City, I continue to work full-time at WPP in Global Executive Training and Development, and coach taekwondo at Columbia. (2017)

Ally McKay (Groves Upper 1999)

I became a father for the first time to Sadie Rose McKay. She is healthy, happy and a handful. I started a new job in 2016 as the Sports Editor of the i newspaper. (2016)

Stanley Pignal (IC 1999)

After two and a half years as a correspondent for The Economist in Mumbai, I am due to move with my wife Elvira and now three young boys to Paris, where I will continue to cover economic and business themes for the paper. (2018)