Lucy Bowman (née Draper) (2006)

Despite the challenges of 2020 so far, my husband Luke and I have been posted to Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas to represent the UK at the Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training Program. He is instructing NATO pilots to fly the T-38 trainer jet and I have relocated my jewellery business (alongside squadron spousal duties). We are also expecting our first child towards the end of this year. (2020)

Marina Gordon (GIH 2006) 

I was awarded the 2020 Rising Star in Investment Management by We are the City. Now in their sixth year, the Rising Star Awards are the first to focus on the achievenments of women below senior management or director level - representing the female talent pipeline and the next generation of future leaders. (2020)

Samuel Johns (2008)

Locked-down in Langtang for the duration of the Covid-19 restrictions: an unexpected confinement in the Himalayan mountains for several months, after a business trip for PSD Plastics in Nepal that was meant to last three days! I continue to work in PET plastics recycling in the Himalayan region, fraught with environmental challenges at the moment and political upheaval as well. In honour of Doccy B: Geography is my passion! (2020)

Caroline Moore (née Ingman) (2001)

A bit of news from me and Chris Moore (Johnsons 98). We got married (after nine years together, one house build and one daughter) on 25 May 2019 in the Barbican Conservatory, London. Tom Fowler (Johnsons 98) was best man and we were joined by around 20 Old Sennockians, our daughter Esther, and families to celebrate our day. (2019)

Joel Tanzer (School House 2001)

I am a doctor in the Royal Navy and recently led a medical team providing acute care to migrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean. I am married to Alex, I have two children and live near Portsmouth. (2019)

Mike Dickman (2002)

We recently completed the Comrades Ultra Marathon (87km uphill  mountain race in Durban, South Africa). Mark’s time was 10 hours 12 minutes and Mike’s 10 hours 52 minutes. We both received bronze medals and beat over half the 25,000 strong field. This was Mark’s second successful ‘up run’ at Comrades, having first completed it in 2015. (2019)

Jo Middleburgh (née Dixon) (2004)

After I finished my Master’s in contemporary art history at Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London, I worked in art consultancy before meeting my husband and moving to Sydney. Whilst living there, I completed a graduate teaching diploma from the Australian Catholic University. We then moved to live in Sweden where I taught art for a number of years at an English-speaking middle school. We moved back to the UK in 2018 and have just welcomed our second child to the family. I am now focused on being a mum, but plan to get back into art education at some point down the line. (2019)

Jan (JJ) Wan (IC 2004)

I helped win the 2019 Gridiron West Women’s West Bowl II Championship as an Offensive and Defensive starter with the Perth Broncos American Football Club’s Women’s team. I am living in Perth, Western Australia and currently a student at the University of Western Australia. In addition to gridiron football, I am also involved in burlesque performance and UWA’s Show Choir. (2019)

Jack Fleming (2005)

My partner and I had a son, Valentine Võ Nguyen Fleming, and I founded a freight technology start-up called Chill-Chain. Life has been quite busy since! (2019)

Hannah Robinson (2005) and I got married in 2015. We had our first child, Edie (Edith) Robyn Glenny, on 27 December 2018. We both left Sevenoaks in 2005 – we weren’t an item at the time but my chasing paid off in the end! We have very happy memories and a wonderful group of mates who we keep in close touch with from Sevenoaks 2005 and 2004. We consider many to be our closest friends. (2019)

Nickolai Vysokov (IC 2005)

I founded a company in 2018 doing two-way brain-computer interfaces called BrainPatch. We were awarded an EU grant for SMEs and started an accelerator programme at the Central Research Laboratory. If all goes well, we will be raising a financing round at the end of this year! There are two OS in the company – myself and Illya Tarasenko (IC 11). (2019)

Vinay Gokaldas (IC 2006)

In February this year I got married to Kuldeep Summan, a resident of Hertfordshire, in a typical Sikh ceremony in Ajman, UAE. There were over 20 Old Sennockians in attendance from all over the world, notably OS of GIH and IC. (2019)

Lucy Impey (née Draper) (2006)

My husband Nick and I celebrated the birth of our son Sebastian Oliver Impey on 17 June 2018. (2019)

Nicholas da Costa (IC 2001)

I was elected one of the Liberal Democrat Councillors for Alexandra Ward in the London Borough of Haringey in May 2018. (2018)

Kristina Novick (née Maletz) (Sennocke 2001)

My husband Nicolas and I welcomed the birth of our second child, Julia Daniella Novick. We live in upstate New York, where I am practising radiation oncology. (2018)

Claire Baker (née Hazle) (GIH 2003)

My husband Ross and I celebrated the birth of our first child Isla Nell Baker on 3 June 2017 in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. (2018)

Paras Maalde (formerly Shah) (IC 2004)

I’d like to share my good news! I recently became a father to a lovely boy whom we have named Evren Shah. Evren was born on 11 January 2018 in London and weighed in at 7lbs. My wife, Mehwaesh, and I are thrilled with our new bundle of joy! (2018)

Helen Taylor (OS 2004)

I returned to the UK this summer after a rewarding three-year exchange posting with the French navy. On return to the UK I had the honour of being promoted to Lieutenant Commander in October 2018. (2018)

Sonia Chandaria (OS 2006)

On 18 November 2017, I became the first winner of the European leg of the Kalashram Kathak Competition held in London. I thus represented the entire Indian diaspora at the Grand Finale held in Mumbai on 21 December, alongside the winners from various Indian cities. The competition aims to provide a public platform for young, upcoming Kathak dancers to showcase their talent to a more mainstream audience. At the London final, Pandit Birju Maharraj’s premier disciple Saswati Sen expressed her joy to see such a high standard of Kathak dance in the Indian diaspora and an excitement to show India the beauty and uniqueness that non-resident practitioners bring to the art form. I am currently on a corporate career break pursuing Kathak dance as a full-time profession. My recent highlights include performing at Somerset House for London Fashion Week (February 2018) and featuring in Vogue for the same. In April, I returned from a performance tour across the USA with the Sujata Banerjee Dance Company, and in May I performed as the headline act for the Inspire Women Awards. (2018)

Alessa Popovic (GIH 2006)

I took on a new challenge in May 2018 as Senior Business Development Manager at BTL, a young blockchain technology firm listed on the Venture board of the Toronto Stock Exchange. I have moved to London and am looking forward to meeting Old Sennockians in the city. (2018)

Sarah Campin-Fordham (née Fordham) (GIH 2006)

In February 2018, I married Michael Campin in Wellington, New Zealand; and we became the Campin-Fordhams. Wellington has been my home for the last five years, and I love it dearly. In April, I started an exciting new job as a Senior Policy Advisor for the Department of Conservation, joining a team that is developing policies for the protection and management of New Zealand’s unique natural heritage. When not working, I have been getting involved in local performing arts. I enjoy singing, dancing and acting with different groups around the city. In June I tried my hand at production management for the first time. If you are an Old Sennockian living in or visiting NZ, it would be great to hear from you. (2018)