Veena McCoole (GIH 2015) 

I have started a new business called Postcode Pours. It is a luxury vegan soy wax candle company that celebrates wherever you call home. We hand-pour beautiful candles and add a personalised label with your hometown or house name and postcode, perfect for gifting or celebrating a new home. (2020)

Olivia Sayers  (2016) 

I am an aspiring animal conservationist, and I have a particular passion for protecting the biodiversity of Costa Rica. Last summer I was awarded scholarships by the Lord Mayor of London and my university to help fund my six-week charity trip to Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. I worked at Jaguary Rescue Center caring for injured and orphaned rainforest animals including two- and three-toed sloths, mantled howler monkeys and keel-billed toucans. I gained an especially large amount of experience and knowledge about wildlife electrocution in the Costa Rican rainforest, an issue which I hope to combat in my career as a conservationist. This was an invaluable experience for me, so I'm incredibly grateful to have been accepted as an intern at Wild Sun Rescue Center on the Nicoya Peninsula, where I will spend six months gaining further expertise about the policy covering wildlife electrocution in the country, as well as taking care of injured wildlife to allow animals to be rehabilitated and released. (2020)

Jacob Rainbow (2011)

This year, I was awarded Best in Show at the 43rd Annual Orchid Gardeners’ International Awards. I used to help the Marshals with some gardening projects for CAS hours during IB, and I used all of the great tips they imparted to speed me to domination in my field (pardon the pun!). My wife and I are currently writing a book called The Orchid Grower’s Bible: Blooming Lovely for publication in 2023. (2019)

Elise Damstra (Sennocke 2012)

I got married on 1 June 2019 to Joseph Oddy in Yorkshire. (2019)

Laurence Warner (IC 2013)

I launched the Challenge during my Fulbright Scholarship from which I’m graduating in December. After that I hope to pursue a career in the performing arts as Cerulean. (2019)

Evgeny Dunaev (Johnsons 2015)

I married Nelli Morgulchik (GIH 2015) on 4 April 2019. (2019)

Diana Urlichich (Park Grange 2015)

I moved to Singapore in July 2019 to work as Research and Personal Assistant to the Head of the Observational and Pragmatic Research Institute (Singapore), Professor David Price. (2019)

Joanne Clara Sy (Sennocke 2010)

I am now based in London and was commissioned by Akram Khan Company to compose for Portraits in Otherness, a dance production performed in June at Sadler’s Wells Theatre in London, which is set to tour in Europe and Asia. As an alumna of Sevenoaks School, I was offered the opportunity to work with Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra last year, where my orchestral piece ‘Moved’ received its world première as part of my instrumental EP release ‘Lifted’. The solo pieces from the EP were then performed in London and Seoul in a concert series, and went on tour in the major cities in Israel this summer. Over summer, I began scoring for a new short film, Daughter, which is scheduled to release next year. (2018)