Students unite to raise funds for coronavirus crisis

Alice Rigo Saitta (OS 2018) and her sister Agata (L6) have launched a campaign uniting students in donating to Médecins Sans Frontières.

MSF's main humanitarian focus is the support of extremely vulnerable communities - they are very concerned with how COVID-19 will affect already fragile health care systems.

They have raised over £30,000 so far! Agata says ‘In these times of worldwide crisis, we wanted to launch a project that not only raised awareness and money for a good cause but also that involved our student communities in trying to make a difference together. We have a group of Old Sennockians and current students involved through personal connections. We have tried to find students who belong to different educational communities in order for our outreach to extend to the maximum number of educational institutions and students as possible. We think that this makes our campaign different. As students, our responsibility is to make the most of the opportunities we have been given to have a lasting and meaningful impact both in our communities and worldwide. We think that by showing how much of an impact our voice can make, a real difference can be made.’

You can support #studentsunite fundraiser through their page below

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