World Education Week

On Thursday 8 October, three students, two alumni, Miss Davison and Mr Rhatigan prepared to deliver a T4 Showcase session on the topic of nurturing student-led understanding whilst building community understanding, hoping to start a conversation about how we can look to strengthen this area of education. 

Alex Hall and Alex Potter (Upper Sixth) started the session off with a relaxed interview, showcasing their website,, explaining how their motivation to start the project sprang from their desire to decrease their individual carbon footprint through shifting daily behaviour patterns.

Gabby Tan (OS 2020) highlighted the value of embedding understanding within curriculums, enabling students to have a foundation of knowledge ahead of action. In particular, Gabby shared her work with the Teach the Future campaign, which aims to embed environmental sustainability education within school curriculums.

Aanya Tanti (OS 2020) explored the importance of centring change upon a deep understanding of community needs. She has consulted teachers in India at every stage of the design process for her project, Ahimsa, which sells and donates Alisha's Adventures PSHE books.

Finally Christiane Gonatrek (Upper Sixth) spoke about the importance of a partnership-based mindset and approach, explaining how her social enterprise, Period Equality Together, worked with local and national partners to address period poverty whilst destigmatising periods and promoting student well-being in the schools.

T4 World Education Week aimed to bring 100 showcase schools together to lead a conference for teachers, by teachers, with a focus on moving towards SDG4 (quality education), with over 110,000 sign ups to the event across the week.

We all learnt much in the process about how to communicate in a live context, with the session culminating in a live Q and A. We'd also like to thank Mr Rhatigan for his technical support in producing the event. The event has since been published on the T4 Youtube Channel. Watch here

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