Jazz musician Joe Stilgoe (OS 1997) entertains from his shed

The Jazz singer and pianist Joe Stilgoe (OS 1997) has been keeping people entertained during the first and second lockdowns, by taking music requests and performing them live in his shed.

‘Stilgoe in the Shed’ became a lunchtime treat to thousands at 1pm every day, which started because Joe was missing the adrenalin and human connection from his live performances.

Soon after he started his shows, he was reaching 150,000 viewers around the world on his Youtube channel. These shows helped raise over £20,000 for local and national charities including hospices, disabled arts charities and those from his own industry including Tomorrow's Warriors and Help Musicians UK.

He’s now released an album called ‘Stilgoe in the Shed’ which was recorded in a single day. 

Joe said "All these songs mean different things to different people. They, and music in general, took on new meaning during the lockdown and I'm grateful not only for the escape and comfort music brings but also the support I and the show received every day."

Joe had only just started performing live in venues again before the second lockdown was announced. It was then he decided to get back in the shed and take requests again.

You can read more about Joe and his music on his website

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