University entry 2021

In the 2020-21 academic year, the school’s Institute of Higher Education supported successful applications by 227 students to universities in the UK, USA, Canada, Europe and further afield for 2021.

Ninety-eight per cent of those are students progressing to their firm-choice university. Forty-two students are taking up university places in the US or Canada, including five to the University of Chicago, four to the University of Toronto, three to Brown, two to Northeastern, Berkeley, the University of Pennsylvania and Yale University, and one each to (amongst others) Columbia, Dartmouth, CalTech, and Stanford.

A further nine students are entering universities in Europe and Asia. Overall 22 per cent of Sevenoaks students are going on to study at top universities overseas, including US, European and all international entrants, compared with all pupils from ISC (Independent Schools Council) schools, of whom around five per cent study overseas.  

Of the 235 leavers this year, 199 are heading straight to university, 14 have a deferred place for 2022 entry and 22 will apply with their results. Of those students continuing to university in the UK, 85 per cent are going to Oxford, Cambridge, London colleges or other Russell Group universities, with UCL, Durham, and Cambridge the three most popular destinations: 27 students to UCL, 16 to Durham and 15 to Cambridge. We have 13 students taking up a place at Oxford, 12 at Edinburgh, nine at Exeter, nine at Imperial College and eight each to LSE and Bristol.    

In the highly competitive fields of Medicine and Veterinary Science, 13 students are taking up places for Medicine, and two Veterinary Science.

Around half of our students (52 per cent) starting university in 2021 will study degrees in the Arts and Humanities; 31 per cent will study STEM subjects, and 17 per cent Liberal Arts and Combined programmes, in the UK and in the USA. Studies for these interdisciplinary degrees, often covering both the arts and the sciences, fit very well with the breadth of IB Diploma studies undertaken at Sevenoaks.

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