IB Results 2022

Many congratulations to the Class of 2022 on their outstanding IB results.

Together, our 227-strong cohort have achieved an average IB Diploma score of 40.3 points, eight points above the world average.

Fourteen students achieved the maximum 45 points, with 25 securing 44 points and another 29 securing 43 points. Sixty-four per cent of the cohort achieved 40 points or more, with 185 students achieving 38 points or more – a fantastic result.

Mr Jesse Elzinga, the Headmaster, said: ‘All our leavers should be proud of their results and of gaining the IB Diploma. Through lockdowns and cancelled GCSE exams, the resilience and fortitude of these students has been remarkable. Their conscientious and positive approach, along with grit and determination, is an inspiration to us all. Well done to our leavers, and Godspeed.’

Over 173,000 students around the world took the IB Diploma this year. The IB’s outlook is invaluable, empowering our students to flourish in a global community. Our school leavers of 2022 are inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who will help to create a better and more peaceful world.

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