Bernard Harvey (Wordworth 1955) 

In 1949 I was a day boy and started at 3A at Park Grange with 'Pop' Forder as our form master. A great master who gave many of us nicknames- which is now I came to be called 'Bunny' Harvey. Four years after WWII, the school was struggling to re-establish itself, and a lot of traditions still existed, particularly under 'Jimmy' Higgs-Walker, our headmaster. He would arrive in form with mortar board and gown, where he would be met by two biff boys and two cap boys, who would change 'Hail O Cleo' to which he would reply 'Hail'. This strange custom was published in a boy's paper, possibly The Hotspur! Sport was a major part of daily life, not that I ever excelled, except I did help Wordsworth to become the first day house to win the boxing cup. After I left school, I joined Sevenoaks Rugby Club when they started the Colts. But in 1958 I caught polio which changed my life. Articled to the firm of Chartered Accountants PMM & Co, I then went on to work on financial systems for ICT, Wills Tobacco and then Avon Rubber. Long retired now, I write novels and make inlaid wooden board games- isolating in a remote part of Somerset. At 81, I'm slowing up, battled cancer, but still enjoying the occasional pint, remembering Sevenoaks! (2020)