Piero Caridis (IC 71)

I am married with three children and one grandchild. A brief outline of my career during the past half century: studied Naval Architecture at Glasgow (BSc) and UCL (MSc); military service in Greece; employed as marine superintendent; postgraduate research (PhD) in ship structures. Career as faculty member of School of Naval Architecture at NTUA, Greece. Now retired and living in Corfu, Greece – writing, travelling, reading and looking after my boat. (2021)

John Innes (School House 71)

Our news is that we have welcomed into the world our newly minted first grandchild, a boy. In a few years’ time it will be my great pleasure to show him round my alma mater. Regards to all the ‘71ers. (2021)

Tom (TJ) Nottidge (Fenton 71)

Lockdown saw another link with the past slip away; my mother, Joy Nottidge, widow of James (JR) Nottidge who taught Biology at Sevenoaks from 1962 to 1985, died aged 97 at home in Stamford, Lincolnshire, after a brief illness. (2021)

Trevor Nicholson (Grote 72)

I am in my ninth year as Chairman of Sevenoaks Rugby Club, which has always enjoyed close relations with the school, but never more so than now. We are very grateful that some of our 1000+ playing members have once again been able to train on the school pitches this summer, and that some Sevenoaks students have joined our club as juniors on Sundays. Ever since the days of our Economics teacher Mike Williams as head coach of school rugby, pioneer of the Australia Rugby Tour, and relentlessly demanding head coach of SRFC 1st XV, we have tried to strengthen links between the school and our club. This continues today through the enthusiasm and dedication of Sevenoaks teachers Sean Holden and Jamie Cullen, who we hope will bring some students to watch a match and share our unique hospitality. Of course, as well as juniors and seniors we now run several girls’ teams and it is our ambition to greatly increase this, so we are hoping to raise our friendly and welcoming profile amongst all of today’s Sevenoaks School students – this makes me a very proud OS! Needless to say – all OS are very welcome at the rugby club any time, whether or not their playing days, like mine, are sadly over – I will be delighted to buy them a pint of Larkins. (2021)

Martin Watson (Park Grange 72)

Living in Sheffield, retired since 2013 but sadly widowed last year. Enjoying walking, watching football, playing melodeon and concertina, and riding my motorcycle. (2021)

Revd Peter Wyard (Caxton 72)

My wife Patricia and I are in our fourth year working in rural NE DR Congo. I am a theological educator and Patricia is a doctor pioneering palliative care in this setting. We are serving with the Anglican Church. We plan to retire to the UK just before Christmas! (2022)

Professor Jonathan Barry (Fenton 73)

Jonathan is now Emeritus Professor of History at the University of Exeter, having retired in December 2020. He has moved to Munich, where his wife holds the chair in Comparative Politics at LMU and he is a Guest Professor in Early Modern History. He continues to research and publish on many aspects of early modern history, especially history of medicine and witchcraft and the city of Bristol. His two older children, Elizabeth and Alexander (grandchildren of former Sevenoaks School teacher James Nottidge, who was the father of Jonathan’s first wife Harriet) are now adults, but he has a three-year old daughter, Mia, from his second marriage. Any old school friends visiting Munich are welcome to get in touch. (2021)

Dr Humphrey Crick (Fryth 75)

I don’t think I’ve ever sent a description of my career before, but due to the great encouragement by my Biology teacher Mr Lloyd, I have been lucky enough to pursue a career in ornithology and latterly conservation. I have studied bee-eaters in Nigeria, pesticide impacts in Scotland and Zimbabwe, worked for the British Trust for Ornithology and currently for Natural England – I’m trying to work out how to design a national nature network. The school gave me a flying start – so very grateful for that! (2022)

Tim Procter (Taylor 75)

When I left school I went straight into business – selling aircraft charters to special groups. And now, 40-something years hence, I’m still – successfully – doing the same job! Very happy to guide any aviation aspirants on their career. (2021)

Dan Evans (Groves 78)

Although I left at the end of year five, with only one O-level, my message is to all the mothers of children that are not naturally academic... ‘Define success.’ Thank goodness for VISTA. (2021)

Simon Olley (Fenton 79)

I continue to make pottery in Kent based on the exciting (sometimes imaginary) life of my Labrador retriever. I make commissions for customers as far afield as Japan, the USA and Australia. This year my work was awarded Best in Show and Visitors’ Favourite at Potfest Glynde, and Best Stand in Show at the Contemporary Craft Festival. I have also been selected for membership of the Craft Potters Association. Instagram: @olleypottery (2022)