Sophie Karoly (GIH 2000)

I married Francisco de Borbón in Seville on 9 October 2021, and we have a four-year-old son. GIH and IC friends from the Class of 2000, Paula Rosenstein (née Kopecna), Laura López Pascua, Sarika Shah, Sophie Batthyany and Peter Shekleton joined us for our celebrations. We shared wonderful memories of our time at Sevenoaks. (2022)

Thomas Sykes (2000)

I have been residing in Seattle, WA, USA for over ten years now. I would love to connect with any other Sevenoaks alumni based on the West Coast USA via the Old Sennockians. (2022)

Krissie Ducker (Sennocke 01)

I am a TV and film writer having written for BBC/AMC Killing Eve on season 3, aired in 2020, and season 4, airing in 2022. (2021)

Adrian Boeckeler (School House 02)

After moving to Los Angeles seven years ago I met my wife, and we welcomed our first son, Leander, in 2019. Our second son is due later this year. I’ve been working as a music producer and Grammy foundation member and my wife is an actress. A typical LA family. (2021)

Alan Mandel Butler (02)

After leaving Sevenoaks I have been fortunate enough to enjoy a varied career in the entertainment industry, working as an actor, director and educator across stage, screen and audio. As an actor some of my film and TV projects include Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Rocketman, EastEnders, War Horse, and most recently the Netflix horror film No One Gets Out Alive. I’ve also worked on a variety of adverts, off West End and touring theatre shows, short films and audio dramas. A few directing projects include the award-winning audio drama Red Valley, festival and fight directing the Stroud Shakespeare Festival and developing a series of anthropological documentaries for the Pitt Rivers Museum. My participation in the Romania project in the summers of 2001 and 2002 ignited my love of teaching and since then I have been a dedicated performing arts practitioner working in a variety of settings with actors of all ages. Most recently I have moved to the UAE and am excited to be assisting in developing the acting programme at the first conservatoire drama school in the MENA region, the Sharjah Performing Arts Academy. (2021)

Jude Lowson (OS 02)

I am Acting Head of King’s College School Wimbledon. (2021)

Charly Wittgenstein (IC 95) and Camilla Wittgenstein (née von Stauffenberg) (GIH 02)

We are happy to announce the birth of Alix (11 June 2021). The little monster is doing her best to keep her parents from sleeping but somehow has captured our hearts anyway. The two older siblings are doing their very best to make the chaos complete. All fun and games. (2021)

Anastasia Grazioli (GIH 04)

I had a child and he is now one year old. (2021)

Christopher Roche (04)

I was at Sevenoaks School from 1997 to 2004 and loved it. I went on to do a Master of Arts in English Literature (Warwick University, UK, and then Sydney University, Australia) and then converted to medicine as a graduate, obtaining my medical degree in London (2010-14). I am now a cardiothoracic surgery trainee and am currently on time out of training to do a PhD in cardiac surgery at the University of Sydney. I had a very positive experience of Sevenoaks and the IB, which I thought was a brilliant programme. I even ended up using Latin, which I studied for all seven years at Sevenoaks including at Higher Level IB. That’s because medical terminology is based on Latin and Greek but also because I married a Czech and am learning that language, which is one of the few which has a similar structure to Latin. I chose Latin because I thought the teachers were cool (which perhaps says something about me!) but it shows that you never know when these things will come back around. As part of my PhD, I recently invented a minimally invasive surgical instrument which was prototyped and tested in a proof-of-concept study. (2021)

Henrietta Hickling (08)

While developing my career in marketing over the last eight years, I have also been building a wedding floristry business. I’ve arranged flowers for 15 beautiful occasions, including some for OS. It’s great to get back to my creative roots and makes me think of all the hours spent in the Art department. If you’d like to see my creative journey I’m on Instagram: @henriettahickling.florals (2022)

Russell Martin (Johnsons 08)

I married Mary Morgan Tuggle on 29 May in Memphis, Tennessee. We live in New York City. (2022)

Polina Melamed (Sennocke 09)

Polina lives in San Francisco with her husband Luca and is Vice President, Brand Marketing at Choreograph, a data analytics company owned by WPP. (2021)

Charlie Gilpin (09) and Sam Moss (IC 12) launched STOCKED in 2021. Born out of frustrations with inefficient batch cooking and the lack of flexible convenience food, we came up with something to fit the needs of busy foodies. Our meals are designed to provide quality and to help cut down on food waste and excessive packaging. We have built our subscription business to over 1200 customers and have been elected for Virgin Start Up’s Collective Impact accelerator, which helps businesses get ready for crowdfunding campaigns. (2022)