OS Football Club End of Season Report

Oaks do what they must to survive upper leagues.

To quote incoming captain Joe Walker (OS 2013), the Old Sennockians Football Club ‘didn’t have an incredibly successful season’ in 2020. The keeper was keen, nonetheless, to put a positive spin on things. And so he should be.

After all, the Oaks did just enough to avoid relegation in the highest league they have ever played in, finishing eighth out of nine after being promoted last season. The bottom two teams typically go down, but not so this year, thanks to another team getting unceremoniously booted from the league for fielding ineligible players.

Sevenoaks had no such requirement, churning out spirited performances throughout the season despite some trying periods. That team spirit was embodied by young Jack Hulston (OS 2012), who was numerous times dubbed ‘Joke of the Oaks’, but kept coming back for more and even picked up a late season man of the match.

Ryan Weeks (OS 2010)