Chloe Broom (OS 2015) is a Sustainability Consultant for Carbon Intelligence, a London-based consultancy supporting businesses to move towards a zero-carbon future.

'Having studied Geography at the University of Exeter I knew I wanted to begin my career focusing on sustainability. I was interested in the role we, as a society, have on reducing our impact on the planet. Businesses hold the responsibility but also the solution to achieving a zero-carbon economy, so working alongside them to achieve this has been my focus since leaving university.

Carbon Intelligence is a team of 130 strategists, technologists, data scientists and engineers. Our main aim is to provide businesses with the means to enact long-term sustainable change within their organisation. We work across a variety of businesses with a focus on the key emitting industries, including; Commercial Real Estate, Retail and Manufacturing, Professional Services and Financial Services.

My role primarily focuses on measuring carbon emissions, supporting businesses to set Science-Based Targets and provide strategic roadmaps on how they can achieve these emission reductions. Alongside this, I support businesses to respond to environmental reporting frameworks such as CDP (previously known as the Carbon Disclosure Project) as well as aligning them to best practice standards such as the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosure (TCFD).'