Will Edge, Anna Messervy-Evans and Hector Snuggs (OS 1997)

Will Edge (1997) owns Greensand Ridge Distillery in Shipbourne, Kent. In order to adapt to the changing circumstances around the Coronavirus pandemic, he obtained a special license to produce and sell hand sanitiser.

There was a huge shortage of hand sanitiser at the time, and the license meant he could supply it to care services, police forces and also sell commercially from which 10% of production was donated to local care charities.

Anna Messervy-Evans (née Kerton, OS 1997) is a cosmetic scientist and was approached by the NHS in Jersey, where she lives, asking her if she had the ingredients to make hand sanitiser, which was in short supply there as well.

Anna knew Will had made WHO grade sanitiser in bulk and asked him if it was possible to import to Jersey, so she could give it to the NHS for free, and sell to the community in Jersey at cost under her skincare brand Manomara.

Hector Snuggs (OS 1997) helped to fund the project.