Helen Beattie and Louisa Cowling (OS 1998)

Helen Beattie and Louisa Cowling (OS 1998) became friends in the Sixth Form at Sevenoaks School. They remained friends, and 20 years later set up The Knit Kit Company. This is for people who want to knit something, and have no idea where to start.

Helen was a boarder at Sennocke House and Lou boarded at Park Grange. They became friends in the sixth form and stayed in touch as they both formed other careers. It was when Helen had a baby she decided she wanted to knit a blanket. Lou always loved knitting since her mum taught her whilst she was a teenager. She also likes making things for other people. After Helen's failed attempt, Lou showed her how to do it and a blanket was finally created! At that point, they realised they had been talking for 20 years about how they could be their own bosses - then The Knit Kit Company was created, especially to help other people learn how to make something of their own.