12 December 2022

Digital ethics expert Bill Mew (OS 1986)

Bill Mew (OS 1986) is one of the world’s top campaigners for digital ethics. He is CEO of The Crisis Team, an elite team of experts in incident response, cyber law, reputation management and social influence.

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Bill has helped lead the crowdfunding to launch None of Your Business, an NGO for pan-European privacy enforcement, bringing the cases against Facebook and others to the European high court on the day that GDPR was enforced.

He returned to Sevenoaks to deliver a thought-provoking workshop on ‘Social Media Regulation and Holding Big Tech to Account’ to Sixth Form students, and a fascinating evening presentation on ‘Cybersecurity Resilience and Risks: From Geopolitical Rivalry to Cyber Warfare’. Bill’s main focus was on striking the right balance between meaningful protection (cybersecurity, privacy, digital ethics) and the maximisation of economic and social value (AI, cloud, digital transformation, innovation).

Bill outlined a very real new kind of Cold War – a geopolitical front line both in trade and war. The insight he provided into the activities of cyber criminals and some state actors was both compelling and unnerving.

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