The Old Sennockians is a global alumni association. All former students of Sevenoaks School are entitled to be members. The objectives of the association are to:

  • Promote a mutually beneficial relationship between Sevenoaks School and Old Sennockians.
  • Provide Members with opportunities for enjoyable social occasions, professional networking, intellectual growth and personal development.
  • Create, promote and strengthen opportunities for Members to contribute to Sevenoaks School’s academic, career and co-curricular programmes
  • Create, promote and strengthen opportunities for Members to participate in Sevenoaks School’s commitment to service and social impact
  • Promote, encourage and assist in effective communications between Sevenoaks School and Old Sennockians
  • Promote, advance and protect the reputation of Sevenoaks School throughout the world
  • Support the advancement of Sevenoaks School and its objectives through philanthropic support

Life Membership

Life Membership is a one-off fee of £350* charged in the Upper Sixth, and provides Old Sennockians with a wide range of benefits including access to and invitations for:

  • Reunions
  • Social gatherings in UK and internationally
  • Sports clubs
  • OS eNewsletters
  • OS Connect
  • OS LinkedIn Group
  • Sennocke Centre discount
  • Sennockian magazine subscription

Professional Associations and Clubs

Some professional associations and clubs may seek a reference confirming membership of the Old Sennockians. Such references can be provided by the Sevenoaks School Foundation office on request by contacting

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Further information

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Membership Terms and Conditions


*Financial membership was introduced in 2007 to support the development of a range of programmes for former students in line with the Old Sennockians Charter. School leavers prior to 2007 have been granted Honorary Life Membership.