Old Sennockians Charter

The Old Sennockians is a global Association of former students of Sevenoaks School administered by Sevenoaks School Foundation.

All former students of Sevenoaks School are entitled to be members of the Old Sennockians.

The primary purpose of the Old Sennockians is to maintain a life-long relationship between Old Sennockians and Sevenoaks School.

The objectives of the Association are:

  • To promote a mutually beneficial relationship between Sevenoaks School and Old Sennockians.
  • To provide Members with opportunities for enjoyable social occasions, professional networking, intellectual growth and personal development.
  • To create, promote and strengthen opportunities for Members to contribute to Sevenoaks School’s academic, career and co-curricular programmes.
  • To create, promote and strengthen opportunities for Members to participate in Sevenoaks School’s commitment to service and social impact.
  • To promote, encourage and assist in effective communications between Sevenoaks School and Old Sennockians.
  • To promote, advance and protect the reputation of Sevenoaks School throughout the world.
  • To support the advancement of Sevenoaks School and its objectives through philanthropic support.


Old Sennockians Membership Terms and Conditions

The following general terms and conditions of Membership set out the rights and obligations of Members of the Old Sennockians.

  1. There are two categories of Membership of the Old Sennockians: ‘Life Members’ and ‘Associate Members’.
  2. Life Membership is extended to those former students of Sevenoaks School who have paid a one-off Life Membership fee since 2007, or students who graduated from Sevenoaks School prior to 2007 before the charge was levied.
  3. Associate Membership is extended to former students of Sevenoaks School who have not paid the Life Membership fee since its introduction in 2007.
  4. Members may upgrade their membership to Life Membership by way of a one-off Membership fee payment.
  5. Members are responsible for providing and maintaining their personal contact details with Sevenoaks School Foundation.
  6. Sevenoaks School Foundation reserves the right to suspend a Membership should the Member fail to update their personal contact details.
  7. Members must not disclose their passwords for Old Sennockians online services.
  8. Each Member’s personal contact details will be used by Sevenoaks School Foundation to fulfil Members’ benefits which include, but are not limited to, e-newsletters, invitations to events and reunions, the Arts Society and ways to support the advancement of Sevenoaks School.
  9. Members will receive requests from Sevenoaks School Foundation to take part in surveys or focus groups to help to shape the Old Sennockians programme.
  10. Members will receive information from Sevenoaks School Foundation about supporting the advancement of Sevenoaks School.
  11. Members can opt-out of Old Sennockians communications at any time.
  12. Members are requested to adhere to the values and principles of Sevenoaks School.
  13. Members are requested to act in a courteous, respectful and dignified manner at all Old Sennockians events and activities and towards fellow Old Sennockians and staff. Failure to do so could result in termination of Membership.
  14. You can find out more about Members’ rights, how we use your personal information and how we keep your details safe and secure by reading the Sevenoaks School Foundation Privacy Statement.

Sevenoaks School Foundation, High Street, Sevenoaks, Kent TN13 1HU


For more information regarding Membership and Membership Benefits please contact the Foundation Office.

Email: os@sevenoaksschool.org

Phone: +44 (01732) 467708

Sevenoaks School processes personal data about you, your child and any registered guardians in accordance with the Data Protection Act (DPA) 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation 2016. The School’s Privacy Statement, which explains our approach to processing your data, is available at www.sevenoaksschool.org/documents. Sevenoaks School shares selected data with its subsidiary company Sennocke Services Ltd, and the separate charities Friends of Sevenoaks School and Sevenoaks School Foundation. The Foundation’s Privacy Statement is available at inspire.sevenoaksschool.org/privacy-statement. To ensure we always hold accurate and complete information, please email all changes to the school at admin@sevenoaksschool.org