Urban Air Mobility talk

Marsha Ilina (OS 2018) returned to Sevenoaks to give a talk to students in our Engineering Society about Urban Air Mobility (UAM).

Marsha, who is currently studying for a degree in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Nottingham, spoke here in her role as Community Outreach Coordinator for Flight Crowd - a platform which brings UAM enthusiasts and experts together. 

Urban Air Mobility is the concept of mobility and transportation of people and goods using innovative aerial vehicles.  Marsha spoke about how this emerging industry can bring numerous social, environmental and economic benefits to communities through its many potential applications. She also covered some of the challenges for UAM, for examples the difficulties with introducing drone-like airborne vehicles as personal taxis, for couriering, or for emergency services in a large city. Marsha spoke about groups who are currently having early-stage discussion panels about the implications and challenges of such technologies, and how vehicles of this kind are already in existence, and being tested around the world.

She also spoke about her experiences in an Engineering degree in Aerospace, which was very useful for our Lower Sixth students who are currently making up their minds about their university choices.

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